So I read a study excerpt from American Journal of Medicine yesterday about how the average person felt 7 to 13 minutes was the perfect amount of time for active sex (read penetration). Now, this was the Journal, so it was filled with statistics and findings that would make anyone limp, but I was relieved — or rather right! I spend all day at the store talking to people about their sex lives and am always overwhelmed by the excuses that are laid before me about why they don’t have sex more frequently. The number one reason is time. My come back is “long live the quickie.” I generally hear crickets after that comment.

Well, sorry people, all you need is 7 to 13 minutes to please your partner. And it’s not an average (thank God I don’t have to make people feel good about that now), it’s a preference. Less than 7 is not enough, but more than 13 minutes is TOO MUCH. The pressure is off people! That hour long lovemaking intensive that you think you’re supposed to expect and desire is now debunked. The AMJ says so!

So no more excuses. Who doesn’t have 13 minutes? You don’t? Don’t even try to tell me you can’t find 7. I won’t except it. So go ahead and be average. You’ll be thanking each other later.