So I had never heard this term before and I love it. It was used by a reader who was responding to my 13 Minutes entry. I think of it often, and it came up today with a customer who was buying herself a toy. She wanted to find just the right one to introduce to her husband to enhancing play. As she was describing what she was looking for and I gave her suggestions for ways to spice things up and then the dreaded “children” argument came up.

We started talking about sex in the time B.C. Ah the glory days. Easy access. No interruptions. It was taken for granted. But remember sex when you still lived at home with your parents. Regardless if you were having sex in the house or not, you found a way to get it done. And the adrenaline of almost getting caught was all part of the fun.

Making up excuses. Hiding behind bushes. Lying about what you were doing. Giggling behind close doors. How much fun was that? Plus, you risked getting in trouble! At least now you don’t need to worry about that. You just need to worry about explaining the whole beast with two backs thing to a three year old who will be scarred for life…

Really, what is with the melodrama here?! You were there first. Take control of your bedroom again. Don’t let your children dictate your sex life. I get the realities, what I don’t get is not even trying!

So pretend you’re a teenager again. Start dating! Have some fun. You were creative then. Nothing was going to stop you. Revel in the fun, the secrecy, the apprehension. Bring it on! And I promise, the sex will be better now than it was then! Well… it should be. But that’s a different blog.