I am strong: I quit my job so I could start a business I knew nothing about.

I’m a pioneer: I found a safe and provocative way to bring sensuality and sex into the daily conversation of Westport, CT.

I am a goddess: I am beautiful and confident and I leave everyone better than I found them.

Okay, that might sound a little over the top, but this morning I had to remind myself of that very fact. I was feeling sorry for myself this morning. Tired. Scared. And on the verge of feeling like a failure. That’s not me. I needed to get myself back on track. How did this happen? I forgot myself for a minute. So I had to get myself back on track. I had to do what I do best; make me feel empowered by using my sensuality. And here’s how I did it (and always do it).

  1. Find your Inner Goddess. I wake up, look at myself in the mirror and flirt with myself. I let myself know exactly how hot I am. For me, that’s staring into the mirror and giving myself the best eye flirt I can muster. I crack myself up every time. But I leave that mirror feeling a whole lot sexier than it found me. Yes, it’s the equivalent of my nephew air guitaring to his Wii, but it works. I always laugh it off, but always give myself one last look that confirms, for me, that I am as hot as the person in the mirror thinks I am.
  2. Flirt at least once a day. I mean really flirt. Completely engage another person and have fun with it. Feel the pleasure of being in that person’s company. That can be the hot guy at the coffee counter, or the little girl in the shopping cart at the store. But be fully present and make that person feel your attention. It’s better than drugs.
  3. Compliment a stranger. And make them hear you. Engage your inner charm and make that person feel 100% better than they did the three seconds previous when you were just a face in the crowd. Not a throw away compliment, one they have to stop and listen to: “Those shoes make your legs look so sexy and are perfect with that outfit.” “You have the most beautiful smile, it literally stopped me.” They will stop and take it in and engage back with you. You made their day. And you will walk away feeling amazing.
  4. Be grateful. Every day find three things to be grateful for that day. It doesn’t need to be big. It just needs to be real. Finding the perfect parking space to getting a promotion. But find three things that just made you better.
  5. Give yourself pleasure. Take out time every day to do one pleasureable thing just for yourself. That bite of chocolate. Putting on beautiful lotion. Self pleasuring. But give one delectable morsel to yourself every day.

So how did my day go?

  1. I have my favorite t-shirt on that rocks my cleavage. And I stared back at my self with my sexiest stare and knew that me and boobs where off for some action.
  2. I’m just back from a week’s vacation. I saw one of the waiters at the restaurant next store and walked out my store, locked arms with him as he walked to work and said, “Did you miss me? Because I missed you.” He kissed me on the cheek, said something beautiful in Spanish, and winked as I deposited him at the front door.
  3. I told a customer today that I loved her pose as she looked at some merchandise. There was something very sexy about it. She turned, hugged me, and said “I so need that. I feel like a loser Soccer Mom right now. I was just thinking what a schlump I was.”
  4. I am grateful how cool it was this morning when I woke up — I love Fall. I am grateful for all the customer’s today here at the store, more than I had ever expected today, the Friday before Labor Day. I am grateful for my date tonight and the challenge of being with someone new and using all that I know to have a good time.

Yep. I feel better.