I hate to break it to you. But after all the classes, seminars, workshops, books, internet searches, I’m learning more about flirting and how to get your man from my new seven week old kitten, Gwyneth, than the thousands of dollars I’ve spend perfecting my skills.

First of all, Gwyneth totally flirted her way into my arms. I was clear on what I wanted after my old friend Hamish died last year. Another male, orange tabby. To go with my other male, orange tabby. This is not an easy task mind you. They can be a little harder to find. But I did. Too late. Males gone, gwyneth7wks2only females. And a calico. Don’t want the calico. Save me an orange female. Get there, out pops the calico. Making a case for herself. Quiet, sweet, purring. Not overacting. Just being herself. Very cute, but I want the orange one. The orange one finally makes her way out. And she was not working it. Now I could have left and held out for another orange kitten. But the calico wouldn’t let me leave. She just sat there loving me. She picked me. And she was patient while I talked about the orange one. She just snuggled with the next person staring at me. And so she won, she came home with me.

Now we had to deal with Malcolm and his 14 years and 14 lbs to her 7 weeks and 1.5lbs. And he was not amused. So I followed the rules. Put her in another room. And she quietly sat in there while we went about our business. Occasionally a little meow to let us knows she was there and when the door opens — pure joy to see me. Purring. Working it. Over the course of the next three days she’s not made a major play for Malcolm. No jumping from under the bed. No attacking the tail. No hissing. No swatting. In fact, she’s barely acknowledged his existence. But she knows he’s there. And this is making Malcolm crazy.

He’s following her. Pretending to be disgusted. And when she turns to call him on it. He acts like she was tailing him.  Incredulous at her turning around and calling him on his own trick. He spits, he hisses, she just stares, holds her stare for the extra second and jumps away to play.

She is self amusing. Alluring. Independent while knowing that she needs help at times. She is coy whilst, she is brazen. In her first 50 days, she’s learned more about how to work than I have in my 44 years. Do it with confidence. Don’t sweat the small stuff.  And make them come to you.