We’ve all heard it: It’s what’s on the inside that really counts. But if you’re not happy with outside than you’re not happy are you?

I totally agree. As a large woman I get this. Now, I can’t help being large. I’m 5′ 10″. I’m never going to be a petite, little thing. I’m of average weight, vacillating between a size 10 and 12.  I’ve struggled with not fitting the image of beauty, but I’ve never really let it get to me. I live in the land of reality. No amount of dieting is going to make me 5′ 6″ and 125 lbs. But you know what, that’s just fine with me. And it was more than fine with a gorgeous visitor to my shop today.

She was a curvy girl to be sure. By our standards she was fat. And she knew it. She called herself fat. But she loved her body. And it showed. The way she carried it. What she wore. Okay, some people might have thought she should have rethought the outfit. Not too tight, but definitely showing every curve. And she was showing a lot of skin. I loved it. And I loved her. She sat here with her daughter in tow, telling me about how she always goes for the hottest guy — and a lot of time gets him. Because she loves who she is. She loves the freedom her zaftig body gives her. And I loved that she embraced it.

Then I took out some boudoir photos I had done of myself a couple of years ago. I was maybe 10 lbs less than I am now. But as I looked at them I couldn’t believe how beautiful I was. So confident of who I am as a woman. You could see how beautiful I felt but just the way I stretched my body across the couch. I could be an exhibitionist and post some photos of myself from that shoot. I’m not shy, but it feels a little self indlugent somehow. But I will remind us all of what real beauty is: Women who are completely comfortable in their own skin. And who, I might add, would be my peers in body weight today. So let’s just take a look at what we call curvy can do to a lens. I dare Jennifer Aniston or Giselle to make sensual beauty look this good. And note, I didn’t pick the studio shots. I picked the ones of women, being women.