I stole this line from our very own Dan Woog of “06880” our local blogger on all things Westport. I stole it because I’m so proud he put it out there like that and I wanted to give him a big shout out. I’ve also copied it because it’s true. The Vagina Monologues are being performed this Sunday, March 7th. And we’re about to deliver a performance that cannot be matched at Westport Country Playhouse. We’ve raised over $25K for CT’s Domestic Violence and Crisis Center and City of Joy (VDays 2010 campaign to end the rape of women and girls in the Democratic Republic of Congo). Our two shows are ALMOST SOLD OUT. But that shouldn’t stop you from donating! Mail your tax deductable donation to VDAY Westport, PO Box 1084, Southport, CT 06890.

And to all you poster stealers and vandals — my vagina weeps for you.