Margaret WagnerMargaret Wagner is the owner of Bedroom Matters in Westport, CT. This is a unique store that is focused on bringing sensuality back into your life using the bedroom as your platform. Margaret is a twenty year advertising veteran who quit her corporate job to pursue her dream of creating a place where people can explore sensuality in professional and sophisticated environment.


6 Responses to “Who is Margaret?”

  1. Dearest SG Margaret…. I love this little blog! And actually getting things like notes to you… The replies to your e-mails keep coming back.

    So I’ll be provacative… It may be great for the man to have a 7 – 15 minute quickie, but I’m hardly ever (read once in 10 years) wet or desirous enough to hop on like that. But maybe it’s my work to keep myself aroused more consistently … or maybe it’s the culture expecting that sex is all for what works for the man, when clearly most women need more intimacy and connection to lubricate naturally and “be ready”. When I do it quickly like that, it’s a gift to him, but not necessarily great for me.

    What do you think about all this?

    Al;ways Love.

  2. elisabeth Says:

    Love your blog! – adding it to my favorites as I know I’ll have lots of questions for you!

  3. Magic Says:

    I’m reading what mary says and noticing that having a quickie is like getting my gas tank filled. Gives me lots of energy that feels very recharging, tingly, and which I find naughty and exciting. Usually I have vaginal contracting and full body rushes and flushes. It’s great. No substitute for the longer, more leisurely tongue lap, etc. and a very fun way to up the average number of times I have sex in a week. I’ll just add some lube if I don’t have enough myself. I’m game to try! Bye.

  4. Yes, Magic, that is the right answer! As anyone how comes into the shop knows, I am a huge advocate of lubricants for women. Let’s face it, we can take a while to ramp up which can become the excuse not to do it — I mean it can hurt if you’re not ready. But what’s great is the more practice you have with the quickie, the faster you’ll find yourself self lubricating. So back to you Mary — if the quickie is all about the man, isn’t the hour long session every night all about the woman? When there’s time, there’s time — have at it! Otherwise, don’t skip it and use some the myriad lubricants available to make it comfortable and fun for you! I am all about the numbers game here. More is more!

  5. Digyd Says:

    This is wonderful, Margaret! I think this is going to be a great read and purple is my favorite color so that alone scores you big points with me. LOL! I started out by reading this piece about you so I haven’t read your posts yet but it was nice to see Mary say what she said because I concur – once upon a time, BC (Before Children), all my husband had to do was look at me and I’d be all set, It’s waaaayyy more work now and frankly, I am too tired to make the effort a lot of the time but if he’s slow going, we’ll be on the road to bliss (like we were last night ;-D). If he’s not, ugh! But I do have one little potential method that may help, which I’ve only recently stumbled upon but I thought I’d need to do it a again to see if it’s a sure thing for me and that is a little light visual erotica viewed right before I see hubby. I suppose the way to my desire has changed a bit but at least I know I’m not dead!

  6. Montana Says:

    Marg, I am definitely adding this to my rather small list of “must read” blogs. Thoughts that arise from the soul – imbued with both pathos and hilarity – are increasingly rare. This is even more true in regard to offering such thoughts for public consumption. Who you have become makes me smile almost as much as who you always were.

    More writing, please. It’s brilliant.

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