boudoir-vignette-4002Bedroom Matters brings a whole new attitude to what being a sensual, vital person means. We are a unique online boutique at whose mission is to bring sensuality back into your day-to-day life using the bedroom as a platform for that conversation. The bedroom is the most important room in your home. It’s the one place you get to be whoever you want to be — without apology. Our boutique looks at the bedroom as a whole from design to lingerie to intimate objects. We’ve contextualized product and experience to create a warm and inviting environment to explore you bedroom, your sensuality and your pleasure. And then we motivate people to take that learning and take it out into their day-to-day life from their relationships to others to the relationship to themselves.

Come visit our website to find even more products than available in the store and get an extra 10% off your first purchase by typing in “blog” at checkout.

In pleasure, Margaret


One Response to “Bedroom Matters”

  1. Randi Lin Says:

    Hi Margaret,
    I was at the Fairfield County expo this weekend. I unfortunately missed your seminar as I was at my Booty Parlor Parties booth. After your presentation was over, a woman came running over to my booth to ask me if I carried Nea and of course I do. I was wondering how we could partner with each other to help increase business for both of us. I’d love to speak directly to you. I can be reached at 203-915-6052. I look forward to hearing from you. Randi Lin

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